In Search of our Throwaway History

Tell us your favourites

We have created this list of brands - some are still current, others have disappeared from the shelves - but all have become affectionate 'friends', often because they remind us of our childhood.

Which are your favourites? (select up to three)

What's missing from the list? Do you have a favourite that's not here? If so please tell us:

If you could bring back ONE brand that's disappeared - what would it be?

What is your age range?

Are you from the UK?

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In Search of Our Throwaway History - produced and directed by SIMON J FRITH presented by ROBERT OPIE written by ROBERT OPIE and JIM COGAN executive producer JAMES OXLEY-BRENNAN cinematography PETER CURTIS editing PETER CURTIS and ANGELA MAKEPEACE original music DAVE COOKE and HEATHER SIMMONS

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